Scituate Visitors Center: What’s Up?

A tour of the Harbor on the “EZ Rider” before our friend Fran puts it to rest after this very busy summer! Great! We had enjoyed watching the tours offered by Fran as he and his crew picked up mariners for transport to and from their vessels. Though it sort of brings closure to summer 2021, there are still so many enjoyable ways to continue vacationing in Scituate Harbor, Greenbush, North Scituate and Humarock. Surfers flock to accessible Peggotty Beach when the tides and wind conditions call them; we see them in all seasons. Don’t put your grill away yet. The lobster boats have been hauling in traps, commercial fishing boats are emptying huge nets full of sumptuous halibut, cod and haddock. A passerby in my neighborhood, Joe, swims with his buddies in all four seasons, answering a challenge among his buddies for charity. We love our oceanside location and want to share our lifestyle with visitors.

Don a light sweater or jacket for the crisp, fresh and salty air as you follow the Harbor Walk to Scituate Light. There are protected dunes as you pass Museum Beach where bittersweet is in full red-orange contrasting with the sparks of the waves as you take in an expansive view of the protected harbor – Scituate Lighthouse, built in 1810, and the open Atlantic beyond that thrashes the two jetties that embrace the harbor.

Back to our four villages for dining, shopping, events and gadding about. Scituate boasts a variety of American cuisine, seafood, Asian food, an Irish pub, pizza and subs, and fine dining opportunities in the different village centers. Among the selections for retail are shops that offer marine supplies, fishing equipment and bait, crafts, jewelry and accessories made by native artisans, women’s clothing and more. The Front Street Gallery is currently featuring Scituate artists with the themed show “Colors of Fall.” Plan to spend time visiting each village and you will find a brewery, knitting and sewing shops, pottery, live music on the weekends, both fun and upscale gift shops, gourmet food shops and numerous other attractions.

42º 13’06”N 70º 47’16”W