42º 13’06”N 70º 47’16”W

Visit Scituate in every season for the beauty of the natural coastline, the picturesque harbor, the special glow of a sunrise or sunset on the water…

The USS Salem Lecture by the Greater Boston Paranormal Associates

Using evidential clips and personal accounts, the Greater Boston Paranormal Associate (GBPA) lecturers will take attendees through the ship's history and use that as a sequel into the paranormal aspects of what the group does aboard the USS Salem.


New Moon Mantra and Music

Joni Jen Murphy Yoga and Wellness at Good Roots Boutique for an evening of sacred mantra and music with Joe Merrick and Marine Bacon for this uplifting sonic experience. After the education, joyful program, stay for light refreshments and community.  Details and registration at www.murphyyoga.com