Full Moon Tower Tour and Coffee

In Swedish, it’s kaffe; in Turkish, it’s kahve; in French, Spanish and Italian; it’s café; in Swahili, it’s kahawa; in the good old U.S.A., it’s coffee, that universal brew that starts the day!  Whether you have your early morning Joe, your mid-morning break of jamocha; whether your choice is cappuccino, espresso, or café au lait, or you order cafe noir, java is the choice of beverage all over the globe. Together with your cuppa and all of the variations your barista brews for you is that warm and and fuzzy feeling of “aaaaah, good.”

In Scituate’s villages there are varied places where you can satisfy your desire for that hot or cold beverage made from the beans of a tree. On your way to catch the commuter rail, dash into Marylou’s Coffee in North Scituate for fast service.  The Starling Cafe in Scituate Harbor offers a homey setting and baked goods. Gunther Tootie’s in Greenbush will sell you their huge muffins to complement your coffee.  Sandhill’s General Store will outfit you with a breakfast sandwich and great stuff to pick up for your cousin’s birthday. Sam’s on the Harbor is the down-home full-breakfast spot where you meet your friend on your pretend “sick day” off.  For an unparalleled view of the harbor from a rustic deck, drop into Lucky Finn. Morning, noon or evening, Scituate has coffee lovers covered with these and lots of other coffee shops for solitary peace or a noisy coffee klatsch. 

Now for another spot in town for another kind of brew. Of course; it’s Untold Brewery in Greenbush! Celebrating their 4th year in business.  Join the anniversary by toasting with “Around the Sun Again”.  No, that’s not the name of one of the three live bands that will entertain; that is the name of the newest beer. Always lots of free parking, periodically food trucks and definitely a great way to greet the autumnal equinox in Scituate.

Greet Scituate authors Maureen Brookfield and Judi Getch Brodman on First Friday, October 1 at the Front Street Art gallery. These prolific authors and illustrators of adult and children’s books will be signing their newly published books at a reception from 5 to 7 p.m.

I’m tipping you off way ahead of time so you can grab a ticket to this unique and awe-inspiring event called “Full Moon Tower Tour” on October 20 at 6:15.  Only 16 tickets are available each month to climb the 121 steps to the belfry of Lawson Tower and view this magnificent starry sky. Historical Society Trustees will be on hand to fill you in while you view the bright full Harvest Moon from this renowned Scituate historic site built by Thomas Lawson, the “Copper King”.  Lawson Tower is but one of many fascinating and edifying attractions lovingly maintained by the Scituate Historical Society.  Reserve Full Moon Tower Tour tickets by emailing garhallevents@gmail.com

Reach for the moon. If you fall short at least you’ll be among the stars.

See you around town………….

42º 13’06”N 70º 47’16”W