About Egypt Beach in Scituate, MA

Egypt Beach is a unique beach along the beautiful Scituate coastline. To access the sandy waterfront, visitors climb over a stone cobble berm. In the summer, there are mobi-mats in place to help get to the beach. Sunbathers gather in chairs on the berm or set up by the waters edge. This is also Scituate’s most popular surfing location during all seasons.

There is ample parking in the lot on Hatherly Road, but visitors must have a Town-issued parking sticker between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Lifeguards and porta-pottys are available during the summer months.

What truly sets Egypt Beach apart is its stunning natural beauty, particularly during the mesmerizing moments of sunrise and sunset. The serene surroundings provide a peaceful backdrop for visitors to unwind and rejuvenate, immersing themselves in the coastal splendor.

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