About Peggotty Beach in Scituate, MA

Peggotty Beach is located in the Second Cliff neighborhood in Scituate off Inner Harbor Road. If you are looking to enjoy the cool beach and nice sand this summer. This beach is a favorite for families and teenagers because of the wide sandy beach, even at high tide. Sunbathers and swimmers enjoy changeable but protected waters. There is lots of room to spread out and enjoy the beautiful Atlantic Ocean views at Peggotty beach in Scituate, MA.

It’s easy to find a parking spot at Peggotty beach. The beach has a large public parking lot (but you’ll need a Town-issued parking sticker during the summer months) that bumps up against a beautiful marsh, full of local wildlife (even a bear once!).

Lifeguards on duty during the summer and port-a-pottys are also on site during the season. This lot is a favorite stop for food trucks and ice cream vendors, so bring your wallet!

Sunset at Peggotty Beach is absolutely a gorgeous way to end a day in this beautiful coastal town.

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