I like the “you never know” aspect of living here.

In a matter of hours, we can go from seaside serenity to a howling mass of ferocity.

Today, the ocean is churning like the witches cauldron from Macbeth. Surfers have been sighted in the inner harbor!

But with the cold, also comes peace. The town has a feeling to it now. It seems to be settling in.

People have been reporting glimpses of snowy owls, deer, coyotes, and the volley of gun shots heard from duck hunters.

Dogs – this town is a dog lovers paradise – are still being walked, their owners layered and hooded up.

Some ponds and flooded inlets are now frozen for skating. Home rinks are flourishing, with the squeal of first timers and old timers alike, gliding across the ice.

One of the best parts about being outside this time of year is coming back indoors.

There, one can be greeted with a glowing fire, the smell of a simmering stew, and relishing the mindset of hygge.

When candles and soft light are your friend, you are experiencing hygge. The dictionary defines the word as “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture).”

Fluffy cushions, soft throws, hot drinks, and soft lighting all contribute to the establishment of this state of mind.

Our town is perfect for achieving the indoor and outdoor state of this feeling of well-being!

How about self care? In Scituate, you can try out a new hair color or get a haircut. An overdue mani/pedi might be a nice treat. A visit to a salt cave might be fun! And don’t forget about massages and facials.

Working out or yoga stretching may be just the thing to get the kinks out.

Stop by one of our many fine eating establishments for a cup of chowder or comforting shepherds pie. This will fortify you for shopping our many dynamic boutiques. Looking for warm socks, cozy slippers, or fanciful sweaters? You will find them here in Scituate.

Thinking of starting a new project? Dropping into the yarn store or perusing a now quiet indoor garden center might spark the creativity you seek.

Pillows, throws, scented candles, and ceramics, can all be found within our borders.

Maybe you want to plan a trip. Dreaming and reading are both part of achieving hygge.

And now is a perfect time to dream.

The winter moons have so much majesty when they reflect off a frigid low tide.

While enjoying what we have, and expressing gratitude for it, this is a time to gather.

Savor this season and let the restorative power of life by the sea envelop you.

It can be hyggelig!

Suzie Quealy Ward

Suzie Q

uealy Ward is a Scituate resident who writes a bimonthly column in celebration of the people, places and things that make Scituate special on behalf of the Scituate Visitors Center. You can contact her at suziequealyward@gmail.com.

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