Open Sundays from 1 to 3 pm.

The museum is set in the 1739 residence of Capt. Benjamin James on the Driftway, Scituate’s Maritime and Irish Mossing Museum stands out on the South Shore of Massachusetts as a true gem of local history.

Currently the museum holds six exhibits, each with a descriptive video.

If you are fascinated by local seafaring lore with tales and artifacts from coastal shipwrecks, this museum is a treasure trove. The Shipwreck Room focuses on the Portland Gale, a powerful nor’easter in 1898, and its devastating effects on Scituate and the surrounding towns. Stories of the steamer Portland are described as is another famous wreck, the stranding of the Etrusco on Cedar Point in 1956. If you’re interested in recovered artifacts such as silver ingots, life-saving guns and other maritime finds, make a date to visit the Scituate Maritime and Mossing Museum.

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