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Lisa Rafferty
The cast of 'The Best of The MOMologues' - a benefit for Scituate Public Schools, 2009.
The cast of ‘The Best of The MOMologues’ – a benefit for Scituate Public Schools, 2009.

Playwright, director, producer, Lisa Rafferty, remarked that “the day we moved to Scituate was a happy day.” True, it was January, freezing with gray skies. We had three small children and knew almost no one. But almost immediately, we connected to one of the world’s great people – Father Ray of St. Luke’s Church, and found out about local theater, and excellent pool care (our first time with a pool) and met friendly neighbors.

Twenty-one years later, our three children have grown and thrived in Scituate Public Schools, we have met friends for a lifetime through our church and volunteer work, and I have gotten to do some wonderful work in theater, with students and adults alike.

The cast of 'Once Upon a Mattress' - Scituate Drama, 2012.
The cast of ‘Once Upon a Mattress’ – Scituate Drama, 2012.

We truly feel we have taken advantage of every possible wonderful aspect of this incredible place. I have been grateful every minute, and everyone I know feels the same way.

Favorite Places in Scituate:

  • Conservation Park on the Driftway for gorgeous views and great dog walks
  • GAR Hall for small theater events
  • The Performing Arts Center at the High School
  • Beach yoga at Minot

Favorite Listings