Event: Fall for Scituate


Scituate Visitors Center: Before You Rake Those Leaves

Before you pick up the rake and commit your day to yard work, think about the last few really leisurely days we share before those leaves drift down. The roads to Scituate are paved with natural beauty and the late morning, early afternoon sun renews and reminds of a lingering summer. We welcome visitors from all compass settings to enjoy Scituate with us, especially on long weekends.

Travelers from York, Maine (66 miles) and Brattleboro, Vermont (104 miles) might consider spending a couple of days here. We can accommodate you. Sutton, MA is about an hour’s drive (53 miles), Providence, RI the same (44 miles); Dedham, 23 miles; Stoneham, 27 miles; Fall River, 41 miles; Sandwich just 33 mile’s drive. But don’t really adhere to the mileage “as the crow flies.” Take the back roads, the scenic routes and make the trip by actually indulging in the charm and beauty all along the way. Don’t hurry. Savor the outing. And know that when you arrive in Scituate a warm welcome awaits you.

The Scituate Visitors Center website acquaints tourists with a full view of what awaits in our town. And quoting directly from the article in the Travel section of The Boston Globe (July 25, 2021) written by Diane Bair and Pamela Wright entitled “You don’t know Scituate? Here’s what you’re missing”, Scituate offers “five beaches, four rivers, a brewery, hiking trails, a cool historic tavern, several independent shops, fresh seafood, and fishing tours galore, surrounding a large, sheltered harbor.”

Come to Scituate this weekend or take a day trip soon. The ocean in our protected harbor appears more blue, teal, sapphire, indigo, turquoise, looking wider by the day as the marinas whiten with stored vessels all “cryopacked” in their winter blankets.

Speaking of warm welcomes, we are opening our arms to the people who have chosen to establish yet more businesses in Scituate. In the Harbor district, right on Front Street we have “Bohemian Babe”, a name which speaks for itself. It’s in the “what goes around, comes around category” with clothing and all things appealing to your inner boho (Oh, those memories from the 60’s!). Lots of fun stuff.

Gracie Barra, labeled “Boston’s best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Martial Arts Studio” is planning to settle in, catering to all ages. Notable in their mission is their welcome as a comfortable setting to empower children ages 3 and up to ameliorate bullying. Their overall mission emphasizes and nurtures independent thinking for all of their clients.

We are so pleased to join the Scituate Chamber of Commerce in greeting these businesses. Yes, a richer and even more diverse business community.

Travel makes us richer. Collect moments. You come to Scituate, too.

See you around town………

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