Shopping. Hmmmmm. Well… For some of us, it has to be done. To put a really sweet spin on it, here’s a “gift” for you; how about we all get pleasure out of this shopping by attending Scituate Open Studios on Friday, December 3, 2:00-7:00 p.m. I can promise this: you will be dazzled by the huge array in this shopping experience as you visit each or all of the sixteen local studios of female artists and artisans in their own work places and spaces. Please access Instagram #Scituate Open Studios for the location of each open studio. Find unique, handmade wares in which each studio specializes. You can’t help but be proud of the depth of pure ingenuity and talent here in Scituate. Swing vote for generosity: a portion of sales will directly benefit Scituate Community Christmas. You’re getting a two-fer.

Same evening: First Friday, December 3rd. The merriment is in the heart of Scituate Harbor. Stores will stay open until 8:00. Families, couples, singles and even grandparents (!) turn out to view the decorated shops, enjoy holiday foods and beverages, and trim their holiday gift list by purchasing fine items (for themselves) and others. The tradition of First Friday brings together neighbors, friends, family, and visitors from surrounding towns. Everyone is welcome. Our many and varied restaurants are open; plan to stop in for a family meal, a libation or snacks. The holiday First Friday is popular and very much a “home-town America” kind of event. Join us if you can.

Just a few words from a long-time resident about her village in Scituate: “Humarock is a very close and caring village. In our post office the amazing women know everyone and are so completely concerned about us all. Being a senior and not able to carry some packages they “volunteer” others to deliver the packages to our homes. They also have a lending library in the post office. I suggest that we are close because we are so far from Scituate proper. Love The Voyage, friendly people and great food. And our little gift shop is overflowing with items for all age groups. Wonderful new fresh market which has every kind of seafood and some prepared things. Love the stuffed scallop shells!” – Sylvia

See you around town…..

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