The month of January, named after Janus, the Roman god of gates and doorways, symbolizes transitions. Janus had the wisdom to look back on life, to reflect on the past, and possessed the joy of embracing whatever the future would bring. It is known for its emphasis on the importance of willingness to embrace change in life. January is also  international creativity month. In that light, let us contemplate a couple of reasons for you and your family, neighbors and friends to “do stuff” in January.

Begin the year with a very brave act – grab that bathing suit and take a dip at the Scituate Education Foundation’s fundraiser, the Seaside Polar Plunge on New Year’s Day at 10:00 a.m. at Peggotty Beach. Join the committed support by eleven local businesses and organizations by registering on line at the SEF website You don’t even have to get wet; just pledge some money to support your favorite new polar bear.  SEF’s grants totaling over $246,000 dollars for the purpose of encouraging lifelong learning have enhanced the lives of scores and scores of residents in our town.

The River Club Music Hall reopened December 17 with a rip-roaring concert by the band “Booty Vortex.” These twelve funky musicians have been raising the roof since 2005 with their timeless version of 70s (and later) music and will return several times this winter and spring. If you haven’t been to a concert at the Music Hall you are missing fine entertainment in a setting here in Scituate with free parking and a very affordable price point. These performances sell out quickly. For the lineup, go to

Registration is now open for the very popular sewing classes at North Scituate’s The Makery. Both introductory “learn to sew” classes and studio classes are on the schedule for the winter session January 2 to February 18.  There is great flexibility in choosing a class; the studio is open at various times Monday through Sunday. Check the schedule at

To add to the culture of our active and vibrant community, do be mindful of what your public schools offer. After attending a concert on December 14 showcasing the choirs in the music department and a second performance with the full choir and the symphonic band on December 16, we came away very impressed at the work going on under the direction of Jim Thomas, Chair of Art and Music at SHS. We saw two male students clad in pajamas tap dance, and another one pop out of a huge Christmas box during a rendition of “Sleigh Ride” in December 17’s performance. These two performances were free and open to the public. Blooming thespians will perform in a production now in rehearsal at Scituate High School scheduled for the second week in January. And there is work and fun at all levels in all the schools through the music programs. You can even just watch every mother’s child sing on Peter Mundt’s Facebook or You Tube pages of broadcast music from the elementary schools. You’ll be uplifted by the talent and happiness of children singing their hearts out.

Be safe, healthy, peaceful, grateful and enjoy the upcoming holidays as if you are a kid again!

See you around town……

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