Scituate Visitors Center: What’s Up?

Old Glory is in full splendor on the lawn of the Susan Phippen House at 125 Mann Lot Road. She reigns in respect and tribute to our brave Scituate veterans of the United States military. The “Sea of Support” is a display of 937 American flags in recognition of the contributions of our veterans residing in Scituate noting “our collective pride and gratitude for their acts of bravery.” Organized by Scituate Community Christmas, our year-round charity also features interviews with veterans by local Scituate students. The display will remain through November 18th. A note: I have a friend who visits several times a year from another country and who says he is deeply impressed by the shows displays of patriotism in America. I am, too.

Useless factoid and on a much lighter note, did you know that the expression “shake a leg” originated in the 19th century with the British Navy? On Royal Navy ships men would be awakened at first light and civilian women, allowed on board Royal Navy ships ”to boost morale”, were asked to shake a leg from their bunks to rouse the sailors; men would be dressed and gone to their stations while women were permitted to sleep in. How politically incorrect were we then?

Good things do come in threes in Scituate. The November 1st opening of the new Salt Cave drew a large crowd of curious attendees as well as our state representative Patrick O’Connor and state senator Patrick Kearney, both of whom praised the continued economic development of Scituate. There are two choices of salt caves, beautifully designed with soft low lighting, guided meditation, and outfitted with blankets and lounge chairs the restful flooring augmented by pink Himalayan salts. Catering to your hard-working tootsies, another space is dedicated to foot massages. The offerings of soothing salts, creams and scents for purchase in the store round out the meditative atmosphere in Salt Cave. Can you buy a meditative state? Maybe not, but you can achieve it in a visit to Salt Cave.

Also located on Front Street in Scituate, “good things” numbers two and three are under renovation with hoped-for dates of opening late December or early winter. The very spacious former Sylvia’s shop is divided in two on the first floor, and slated to be a wine bar on one side and a juice bar on the other side. Maybe condos on the second floor? The former Riva’s will be an upscale Asian-themed restaurant called Chopsticks and Forks. Though significant progress has been made in both buildings, delays in opening are due to the difficulties shared by most businesses right now, namely, the delivery of materials and goods. We look forward with anticipation to the addition of these new business opportunities which bring financial enhancement, employment opportunities and diversity to Scituate.

Spring in Scituate will bring the launch of the South Shore Irish Heritage Trail, slated for an official grand opening in May 2022. Many, many hours of research went into in this endeavor, the headquarters of which is in Scituate. As the place in America with the highest number of people of Irish heritage, the hard-working volunteers have created a trail of Irish history noting the contributions of residents from Weymouth to Plymouth, who have enhanced not only our economic progress but have deeply enriched our culture. Hundreds and hundreds of hours of preparedness have already generated visits here from Irish governmental agencies. The dedication of the Easter Rising Monument in Scituate Harbor on Cole Parkway has called attention to the Irish Heritage Trail.

We have so much to look forward to and to share with visitors. Scituate, a travel destination.

See you around town………….

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