It might be cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you have to be cooped up all winter. In fact, fresh air and exercise are highly recommended during the winter months. That’s why, instead of huddling under a blanket and idly clicking through streaming services looking for another series to binge, go outside. Specifically, get out in nature with these can’t-miss winter hiking trails in Scituate.

Driftway Park

If you’ve ever wanted to take a winter stroll in the country, Driftway Park is the closest you can get on this side of the Atlantic. Spanning 334 acres of conservation land along the Herring River, this park combines sandy stretches, coastal salt marshes, and open fields. This makes it an incredible place to explore, as you’ll get to see a variety of habitats and perhaps even glimpse some of the animals that call it home.

The trails are great for anyone looking for a shorter winter hike. The Main Trail is only a mile long, while the other trails are all less than a half-mile long. For a real treat, hike up Lookout Hill, the park’s highest point, for a stunning view of the park on a clear winter’s day.

Herring River Trail

From 1871 to 1938 the Old Colony Railroad traveled through Scituate and Marshfield, but after a hurricane damaged the tracks, requiring them to be removed, the Herring River Trail has become a popular hiking and walking trail. Trees and shrubs now line the gravel trail as it leads through the marsh to the Herring River, making it a lovely place to take a winter nature hike.

When there’s no snow on the ground, the trail is suitable for walking, bikes, strollers, and some wheelchairs. When there is snow, be sure to pack boots or snowshoes so you can enjoy your hike. The trail is only 0.4 miles long, but it meets the Driftway Multi-Purpose Path, which continues past the James Landing Walkway and beyond if you’d like to stay outdoors for longer.

Widow’s Walk Golf Course

Widow’s Walk Golf Course is typically only open to golfers looking to practice their swing and get in an afternoon of their favorite sport. But in winter, when the golf season is over, the course is open to the public for dog walking, sledding, and hiking. As golfers naturally have to do a lot of walking, the course is easily accessible to all levels of hiking experience.

America’s first environmental demonstration course, Widow’s Walk is known for its beautiful scenery as the course takes advantage of the landscape’s natural contours and features. In fact, it became a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary course in 2002, so as you walk you might spy non-migratory birds nestled in the trees or flying overhead.

The winter hiking trails in Scituate simply can’t be missed, as they’re the perfect opportunity to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Bundle up, make sure to bring a drink and some snacks, and experience nature this winter while getting some healthy exercise.

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