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Scituate for Bird Lovers

a seagull

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Unexpected moments of joy occur when you view the diversity and resilience of nature through your binoculars. Come to Scituate to find the migrating and resident birds in our section of the 1,500 miles of the Massachusetts coastline. We invite you to make it a family outing and explore our trails and the various habitats of birds.

The appearance of birds vary greatly depending on the season of the year, as well as the natural habitat in which the birds thrive. Whether it is breakfast time for the birds, afternoons to venture out to meet others of their species, time to come out for a nightly foray, or the season to mate, you can satisfy your craving for a delightful view of our feathered friends.

Following is but a sample of the birds who make their home in Scituate.

Scituate Harbor near the fishing piers are habitats where red-breasted mergansers, eiders, cormorants, loons, and buffleheads have been seen.

two adult swans with five baby swansLeaving the Harbor, on the Driftway, one may see and photograph great blue herons, red-shouldered hawks, and Cooper’s hawks.

As one continues along the Driftway, ospreys are seen near the outlet and marshes leading to the boat launch at the inlet to the North River.

Merlin gather near the beaches, as well as the stretches that ring Scituate Harbor.

Often found on the perimeter of salt water are plovers, greater yellowlegs, and killdeer.  A protected area nicknamed “The Spit” located near the confluence of the North and South Rivers accommodates tree sparrows gathering in huge murmurations in spring and fall for migration.

Our fields are occupied by kestrels and northern harriers.

Follow Route 3A south, pass over the North River, go left on Summer Street, and use your GPS to drive or bike to the end of Damon Point where you will find a private sanctuary of birds with a series of condominiums for purple martins on your right. Straight ahead is a magnificent view of the North River with a wide expanse overlooking Scituate, which is home to many nautical birds.

plovers in the sandBirding is one of the beloved pursuits of our residents in Scituate; two organizations promoting birding are The Scituate Birders (found on Facebook) with over 800 members, and the South Shore Bird Club (southshorebirdclub.wixsite.com).  Both are members-only but access to them can be gained by applying to join. The North and South River Watershed Association is a source of information for birders.  The South Shore Audubon Society located at 2000 Main Street in Marshfield (www.massaudubon.org and 781-837-9400) is but a mile from the Scituate town line passing over the North River traveling south on Route 3A.  Clearly, this is an authority on our local wildlife.

Scituate welcomes you to experience our captivating views and discover the natural habitat of birds and other wildlife. Sharpen your birding skills, treasure the beauty, listen to the birdsong, and rejoice in the preservation of our coastal sanctuaries.